K5 Sells Kindergarten Spelling Workbook

We’re filling another gap in our selection of language arts workbooks for sale in our bookstore. The kindergarten spelling workbook builds on our spelling workbooks for grades 1 – 5.

kindergarten spelling workbook

Kindergarten spelling workbook

This workbook focuses on spelling:

High frequency words for kindergarten students, such as to, I, and us.

Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC), and some CCVC words within the a, e, i, o and u family words, such as bed, cat, and cut.

Structure of the workbook

The workbook starts with sight words and moves onto CVC/CCVC words, grouped by word families.

Each section starts with exercises to practice tracing, writing and rewriting a set of words, such as bed, fed, led.

kindergarten spelling workbook

Following those worksheets, we combine the sets of words into four pages of spelling exercises. Here are two as an example:

kindergarten spelling workbook

And this exercise page:

kindergarten spelling workbook

No answer pages included

As the exercises are simple, there are no answer pages for this workbook.

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