Sorting Worksheets for Kids in Kindergarten

Sorting helps kids decipher things by how they are alike and how they are different – an important skill to learn for early literacy and math. In our kindergarten section, we have 6 pages of different worksheets for our youngest students to practice sorting and classifying objects.

Cut, sort and paste worksheets

Students cut out objects and paste them on the appropriate background in these worksheets.

Sort, cut and paste worksheets

Practice sorting objects by groups

Students identify the objects that belong to a group and are asked to circle those objects.

Sorting objects worksheets

Sorting objects by properties

The next set of worksheets asks students to focus on objects by properties, such as color, size and shape.

Sort objects by properties worksheets

Worksheets on sorting objects into two groups

Students practice sorting objects into two groups in these exercises.

Sort objects into two groups worksheets

Sorting objects into three groups

Next, students work on sorting items into three groups.

Sort objects into three groups worksheets

Practice sorting objects into four groups

The final set of worksheets has students practice sorting objects into four groups.

Sort objects into four groups worksheets

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