Kindergarten Size Comparison Worksheets

Our measurement worksheets for kindergarten students help them practice size comparisons.

Big vs. small worksheets

Students identify the big and small items in pictures in these worksheets.

Big or small worksheets

Practice biggest and smallest

For these worksheets, students need crayons as they’re asked to color the biggest and smallest objects.

Biggest and smallest worksheets

Tall or short exercises

Students circle the taller or smaller of two objects in these worksheets.

Tall or short worksheets

Practice tallest and shortest

Students select the tallest or shortest from four objects.

Tallest or shortest worksheets

Long vs. short worksheets

Students practice longer and shorter by selecting the correct object of two.

Long or short worksheets

Longest or shortest exercises

Similar to the above worksheet, these worksheets ask students to select the longest or shortest object 

Longest or shortest worksheets

Same vs. different practice

The final set of worksheets ask students to identify the same size objects from a choice of three.

Same or different worksheets