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K5 Learning Adds Kindergarten Shapes and Geometry Workbook to its Bookstore

Our fourth kindergarten math workbook is in our bookstore. This one covers shapes and geometry.

Kindergarten shapes & geometry

kindergarten shapes and geometry workbook

The fourth kindergarten math workbook covers:

Position words: above and below, beside, between, left and right, in front of and behind.

Kindergarten position words

Basic two-dimensional shapes: squares, rectangles, triangles and circles.

Kindergarten basic shapes

Identifying two-dimensional shapes: matching shapes, naming shapes, identifying shapes.

Matching shapes

Properties of two-dimensional shapes: corners, sides, open and closed shapes.

Kindergarten corners

Rotating, scaling and decomposing two-dimensional shapes.

Three-dimensional shapes: telling two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes apart, spheres, cubes, cylinders, cones and three-dimensional objects in the real world.

Kindergarten 3D shapes