Reading Sentences Worksheets for Kindergarten

In our kindergarten reading comprehension section, we have a whole section of worksheets that have students practice reading simple sentences.

Matching sentences to pictures

These worksheets have students work on reading sentences and drawing lines to the pictures those sentences describe.

Match sentences to pictures worksheets

Cut and paste pictures to sentences

Equipped with scissors, students cut out pictures and then paste them below sentences describing those pictures.

Cut and paste pictures to sentences worksheets

Trace sentences and match them to pictures

In these worksheets, students start by tracing sentences and then draw lines to the correct pictures.

Trace sentences and match to pictures worksheets

Unscrambling sentences with scissors

Students grab their scissors again for these worksheets. They cut out the segments and put them in the correct order to create a full sentence.

Unscramble sentences worksheets

Complete each sentence practice

Given an option of two words, students complete the sentences in these worksheets.

Complete the sentences worksheets

Illustrating sentences worksheets

Students practice reading sentences and then draw a picture to illustrate each sentence.

Illustrating sentences worksheets

Repeating of sentences for fluency

Next, we move onto reading fluency. These worksheets introduce reading fluency one word at a time. The intent is that students read every word to repeat the sentence to its fullest.

Repeating sentences worksheets

Re-reading sentences for fluency

Students are asked to read sentences three times, in these worksheets. Check boxes are provided to confirm each time a sentence is read.

Reading fluency worksheets

Riddles worksheets

The next two sets of worksheets introduce riddles to kids. The first set has students match riddles to pictures and writing the answers on a line.

Riddles worksheets

Riddles worksheets with no pictures

The next set is missing the pictures, so it’s a little more advanced. Students answer the riddles by writing the answers on a line. An answer bank is provided.

Riddles worksheets

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