New Reading Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

The printables in our kindergarten reading section help kids learning to read to practice reading sentences. Let’s give you a tour of the worksheets.

Match sentences to pictures

Going beyond simply sounding out the words, students read the sentences to understand the content and match it to pictures.

Match sentences to pictures worksheets

Cut and paste pictures to match sentences

These worksheets involve using scissors. Kids cut out pictures and match them to the relevant sentences.

Cut and paste pictures to sentences worksheets

Trace words and match pictures practice

These worksheets allow students to trace the sentences, and are then asked to match the sentences to pictures. Again, a comprehension exercise for students to move beyond sounding out words.

Trace words and match sentences to pictures worksheets

Worksheets to unscramble sentences

Students need scissors for these worksheets too. They’re asked to cut out the segments and puzzle the pieces together to make a full sentence.

Unscramble sentences worksheets

Complete the sentences practice

In these worksheets, students select and write the correct word to complete sentences

Complete the sentences worksheets

Draw the sentences worksheets

This is a drawing exercise. Students read the sentences and draw a picture to illustrate that sentence.

Illustrate sentences worksheets

Repeat phrases for fluency practice

To master reading skills, repetition is needed. These worksheets help students repeat sentences, then write and rewrite the sentence they read. There are also a couple of reading comprehension questions to complete the worksheet.

Repeat phrases for fluency worksheets

Re-read sentences for fluency worksheets

A second set of fluency worksheets has students re-read sentences three times.

Re-read sentences worksheets

Worksheets on riddles

We have two sets of riddles worksheets.

The first set of worksheets ask students to answer riddles by writing the answers on lines. A picture clue is provided.

Riddles worksheets

The second worksheet has the picture clue removed to ensure the students read and understand all words in answering the riddles.

Riddles worksheets


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