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New Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Workbooks

Yesterday we published updates to our reading comprehension workbooks for kindergarten students in our bookstore.  Each workbook contains 20 fiction and non-fiction stories, followed by reading comprehension exercises. Answer sheets are also provided.

Our reading comprehension workbooks are leveled from A-Z, based on the following grade-level text complexities:

  • Vocabulary words
  • High-frequency words
  • Average word size
  • Number of words per sentence, on average
  • Amount of repetition of words and phrases
  • Story length
  • Subject matter complexity

We’re sure you’re curious to see what the stories and exercises look like. Let’s show you one of our stories from our Level C workbook.

Sample kindergarten reading comprehension story

On each of our pages, we indicate the vocabulary words for each story. The high frequency words are included in a list at the beginning of each workbook.

kindergarten reading comprehension story

Exercises follow each story

We have a set of three exercises that follow each story. Here’s what those look like for the above story.

reading comprehension exercise 1

reading comprehension exercise 2

Answer sheets for the exercises

After each set of exercises, we have included a page with the answers. We found that putting them behind each set of exercises makes it easier to access the answers.

reading comprehension story answers

Kindergarten reading comprehension bundle

For the first time, we are also presenting a discounted bundle for our kindergarten readers.

reading comprehension bundle

We hope you and your children enjoy these new reading comprehension workbooks.