Phonics Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

There are 44 individual sounds in the English language. When combined, letters make words and the sounds made by these letter combinations distinguish words from one another.

For example, the word: cat. Phonetically we sound this word out as follows k/a/t.

In kindergarten, students learn not just the letters, but also the sounds letters make individually and in combination with one another. This is how they start their journey towards learning to read.

Kindergarten phonics worksheets

In our kindergarten worksheets, we have a section dedicated to sounds and phonics. As part of that section, we’ve created three sets of worksheets that have students practice phonemes.

Write phonetically

Kindergarten students sound out the pictured word, work out the sound and letter that is missing in the incomplete word, and select the correct letter to complete each kindergarten level word.

Kindergarten phonics worksheet

Unscramble the letters

Scrambled letters help students sound out individual letters and think about how to put them in order to make a word. In these worksheets, students practice unscrambling simple three-letter words.

Kindgarten jumbled letters worksheet


Digraphs are sounds made by two or three letters written in combination. For example, “sh” in “sheep”.

These worksheets have students work on writing the digraphs as they complete words. These worksheets are more advanced for later kindergarten.

Kindergarten digraphs worksheet