More Than and Less Than Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

Comparing quantities encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn to analyze and make decisions based on numerical information. We have a page of several more than/less than worksheets for kindergarten students to practice comparing quantities.

Practice more objects or fewer objects

Students are presented with two pictures and are asked to circle the picture with more, or less, objects.

More or less objects worksheets

More or less objects worksheets

Students are asked to draw more or less objects in comparison to pictures in these worksheets.

Draw more or less objects worksheets

Most or least worksheets

Students identify from a set of pictures which ones have the most or the least objects.

Most or least worksheets

Practice more than, less than symbols

These worksheets introduce the symbols representing more than, less than and equal to.

More than, less than symbols worksheets

Comparing numbers worksheets

Students compare numbers using greatest than and less than in these worksheets.

Comparing numbers worksheets

Comparing numbers using symbols

Students compare pairs of numbers.

Comparing numbers using symbols worksheets

Practice greatest and least

From sets of numbers, students practice the greatest and the least numbers.

Greatest and least worksheets

Practice ordering numbers

Students rewrite random numbers from the least to the greatest.

Ordering numbers worksheets

Ascending and descending order

These worksheets have students write numbers in ascending and descending order.

Ordering numbers worksheets
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