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K5 Learning Sells Kindergarten Workbook on Measurement, Time and Money

Our fifth, and final, kindergarten math workbook is in our bookstore. This one covers measurement, time and money.

Kindergarten measurement, time and money

Measurement, time and money workbook

This final kindergarten math workbook covers:

Size comparisons: big and small, biggest, smallest, tall and short, tallest, shortest, longer and shorter, longest, shortest, same size.

tallest worksheet

Weight: heavy and light, heaviest, lightest.

Volume and capacity: more/less, most, least.

Measuring length: measuring length in non-standard units and with a ruler.

measuring length kindergarten

Measuring weight: comparing weights with non-standard units and a scale.

Money: coins and their names, coins and their values, real coins, worth of coins, sorting coins.

Coins worksheet kindergarten

Counting money: counting pennies, nickels and dimes.

Understanding time: order of events, day or night, fast or slow.

day or night worksheet kindergarten

Units of time: second or minutes, minutes or hours, hours or days, days or years, activities that take 1 minute/1 hours/1 day.

Seconds and minutes

Telling time: reading a clock, telling whole hours.

Days of the week: weekdays, what day comes next.