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K5 Learning Sells Kindergarten Math Workbook

Today, we have published the first of 5 planned workbooks covering kindergarten math in our bookstore.

The five workbooks will cover the entire kindergarten math curriculum of numbers and operations, geometry and measurement.

Kindergarten numbers and counting to 10

kindergarten numbers to 10 math workbook

This first kindergarten math workbook covers:

Patterns: completing patterns in rows, and drawing the missing objects to complete patterns.

kindergarten math workbook patterns

The numbers 1 – 10: tracing and writing the individual numbers and number words, as well as recognizing the given number in a group of numbers.

kindergarten math workbook numbers

Counting up to 10: counting objects and matching them to numbers and number words, and coloring and drawing the correct number of objects.


kindergarten math workbook counting up to 10

Number order 1 – 10: filling in the missing numbers in rows and grids, dot to dot drawings, writing the numbers that come before and after a given number.


kindergarten math workbook number order

Comparing numbers up to 10: drawing and identifying groups of objects and numbers as more than, less than and the same.

Making patterns: identifying, drawing and coloring pattern cores.