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K5 Learning Publishes Kindergarten Numbers and Counting to 100 Workbook

We’ve added a second math workbook for kindergarten students to our bookstore. This workbook covers numbers and counting to 100. This workbook will be part of a series of workbooks to cover the entire kindergarten math curriculum.

Kindergarten numbers and counting to 100

kindergarten math workbook counting up to 100

The second kindergarten math workbook covers:

Review of numbers 1 – 10: counting objects, matching objects to numbers and number words, coloring and circling objects, writing one more or one less, matching shapes, same and different objects up to 10.

Same and different: comparing numbers and different size objects.

The numbers 11 – 20: tracing and writing the individual numbers and number words, and matching numbers to words.

Counting numbers to 20

Tens and ones: counting illustrated boxes and objects of tens and ones, then combining them to make a sum total.


counting tens and ones

Counting to 100: counting objects and matching them to numbers and number words, and coloring and drawing the correct number of objects.

Number order 1 – 100: filling in the missing numbers in rows and grids, dot to dot drawings, writing the numbers that come before and after a given number – both forward and backward.


number order

Comparing numbers up to 100: drawing and identifying groups of objects and numbers as more than, less than and the same.

Even and odd numbers: understanding that even numbers make pairs, and even number do not. Counting and circling objects that are even or odd, writing odd and even numbers.

Even and odd numbers

Sorting objects: looking at objects and sorting them into appropriate groups and properties.

sorting objects

Bar charts: reading, counting and organizing groups of objects into bar charts.