Letters Practice for Preschool and Kindergarten Students

In addition to our tracing letters and printing letters sections, we now have a new section focusing on helping students recognize both uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z.

You’ll find the learning letters section in our kindergarten worksheets area.

Each letters has four worksheets, giving students practice in recognizing and writing that letter in both upper and lower case.

Learning the letter A

Let us show you the new letters worksheets for the letter A.

Uppercase letter A

This worksheet focuses on learning what the uppercase A letter looks like, how to trace it and the sound it makes: A is for apple.

Uppercase letter A worksheet

Lowercase letter a

Through coloring, finding and tracing, students learn to recognize the lowercase letter a.

Lowercase letter a worksheet

Recognize the letter A

This worksheet is a coloring activity where students color the “A” airplanes.

Recognizing the letter A worksheet

Trace and find the letter A

The final worksheet has students trace the letter A and the find the letter A in a selection of random letters.

Trace and find letter A worksheet