Early Writing Practice for Kindergarten Students

The early writing section contains worksheets on simple sentences, capital letters, punctuation, prepositions, drawing and writing, and writing prompts.

You’ll find the early writing section in our kindergarten worksheets area.

Practice simple sentences

There are five different sections of worksheets on this page for students to practice reading, tracing and writing sentences. This worksheet has students practice reading, tracing and rewriting sentences.

Simple sentences worksheets for kindergarten

Capital letters worksheets

The worksheets in this section introduce students to the use of capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns. Here, students work on capitalizing special words.

Capital letters worksheets for kindergarten

Punctuation for kindergarten

Periods, question marks and exclamation marks are covered in these five sections of worksheets. In the final section of worksheets, students work on matching each sentence to the correct punctuation.

Punctuation worksheets for kindergarten

Learn about prepositions

This section introduces prepositions to kindergarten students. This worksheet, for example, asks students to cut and paste basic prepositions in sentences.

Prepositions worksheets for kindergarten students

Prompts for drawing and short stories

This is a series of worksheets where students look at a picture, draw something related to it and then write about it. For example: why is the policeman running?

Writing prompts worksheets for kindergarten

Writing prompts practice

The final section of worksheets provide writing prompts for early learners: labelling, opinion, explanatory and narrative.

This narrative prompt, for example, asks students to write and illustrate a short story about what happened at school.

Narrative prompts worksheets for kindergarten

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