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K5 Learning Sells Kindergarten Add & Subtract Workbook

We’ve added a third math workbook for kindergarten students to our bookstore. This workbook covers addition and subtraction within 10. This workbook is part of a series of math workbooks. We plan on 5 books altogether, covering the entire kindergarten math curriculum.

Kindergarten add & subtract

Kindergarten add and subtract workbook

The third kindergarten math workbook covers:

Understanding addition: number bonds by number and drawing objects, adding objects, counting objects and writing numbers, making groups, writing in the missing numbers, decomposing number by drawing lines between objects, and drawing dots in boxes.

Adding using objects

adding dots

Addition with objects: drawing objects to fit equations, drawing missing objects, drawing objects to complete equations, counting and adding objects.

addition with objects

Addition equations: writing equations using objects as guides, coloring blocks to make sums, filling in missing numbers, and finish sums by drawing objects.

Adding within 5 and 10: adding two numbers within 5, adding two numbers within 10, completing equations by writing the missing number.

Addition word problems: solving simple addition word problems within 10.

kindergarten addition word problems

Understanding subtraction: solving equations by counting objects.

subtraction using objects

Subtraction with objects: filling in the blanks in sums with object guides, crossing out objects to work out equations.

Subtraction equations: counting objects to write equations, and drawing objects to complete equations.

Counting back: coloring squares and crossing some out to complete equations, and counting back on a number scale to find the difference.

Subtraction within 0 – 5, 0 – 10: subtracting two numbers within 5, and subtracting two numbers within 10.

Subtraction word problems: solving simple subtraction word problems.

Mixed addition and subtraction with objects: mixed addition and subtraction using objects, drawing objects to solve addition and subtraction equations.

Mixed addition and subtraction within 0 – 5, 5 – 10: solving addition and subtraction problems within 5 and 10.

Addition and subtraction word problems: solving simple mixed addition and subtraction word problems.