K5 Learning Improves Website

We’ve made some changes to our website that we hope you’ll like.

K5 Learning homepage

Font size and design

We’ve increased the font size, made some color changes and generally worked on making our pages more legible.

K5 Learning website design


We’ve introduced drop-down mega menus for each of our worksheet categories to make it easier and faster for you to get the worksheet you are looking for.

K5 Learning drop-down mega menu

Once in a subject area, we’ve kept our left-side navigation bar, but have incorporated more shading to highlight where you are and to underline subject areas you are pointing to.  

Left-hand navigation

We’ve also kept our breadcrumb navigation for those of you who prefer to move around our site that way.

Breadcrumb on K5 Learning

Mobile and tablet friendly

Our website is now responsive, so you’ll find it’s more pleasing to your eyes when on your mobile device and, more importantly, easier to navigate.

K5 Learning mobile site

Your feedback

If you have the time, we’d love to hear what you think. What works and what doesn’t?