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K5 Learning Adds Math Word Problems for Grade 3 Students

Grade 3 math word problemsWe have created a wide selection of grade 3 math word problem worksheets in our free worksheet center. Our word problem worksheets cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, mixed word problems, measurement and word problems with variables.

We understand that this is an area that many students struggle with and we’ve put quite a bit of thought into this section.

Third Grade Math Word Problems that Make Students Think

We intentionally include superfluous data or information in many of our word problems. That means, students will need to read and think about the questions carefully, rather than simply mechanically recognizing and applying a computation pattern to solve the problems.

We suggest students attempt these worksheets once they have studied the underlying skills. For example, students should not try the mixed addition and subtraction word problems before they have understood, and are comfortable with, mixed addition and subtraction.