Improving Sentences Worksheets for Grade 4 Students

Grade 4 students learn to work on writing sentences that use reason, facts and details to support their argument or opinion. We thought it would be important to help them structure sentences properly.

This section of improving sentences worksheets focus on areas that students struggle with, such as introductory sentences, adding details, double negatives and writing precise sentences.

Introductory clauses worksheets

Students identify introductory clauses in these worksheets and add commas in the appropriate place for each sentence.

Introductory clauses worksheets

Sentence starter practice

In these worksheets, students re-write sentences with alternative beginnings.

Sentence starters worksheets

Worksheets to add details

Students are given simple sentences to which they are asked to add details.

Add details worksheets

Writing with precision

These worksheets ask students to rewrite banal sentences into more detailed and precise sentences.

write with precision worksheets

Fixing double negatives in sentences

A common mistake among young writers is the use of two negatives in one sentence. Here they practice identifying the two negatives in sentences and then rewrite them.

Double negatives worksheets

Combining two short sentences

Another area that students should practice is to combine short sentences. To make the text read more smoothly, students are asked to combine two short sentences in these worksheets.

Combining short sentences worksheets

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