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Improved Math and Sight Words Flashcards

Some of you may have come across our section of math and reading flashcards. We are in the process of making improvements to the look of the flashcards, as well as make navigating the pages a little easier.

Math facts flashcards

You’ll see our math facts flashcards have been given a facelift. The numbers are now more legible and easier for young readers to discern. Gone is the arty-looking font.


addition flashcards
We’ve also improved the page from which you can find the flashcards, making it a little easier to navigate to the set of flashcards you’d like.


math facts flashcards page

Dolch and Fry sight words

The Dolch flashcards have also been given a new font and style to make it easier for kids to read the words.


Dolch sight words flashcards
The same goes for our Fry sight words flashcards.

Fry sight words flashcards

These sight words flashcards pages have also been given a facelift, making it easier to find the series of flashcards you want for easy printing.


Dolch sight words flashcards page


In the process of improving these worksheets, we’ve also updated our math facts flashcards book, as well as the sight words and exercises workbook.