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How to subtract fractions with like denominators

What are fractions?

A fraction is a part of a whole.  Every fraction has a denominator and a numerator.


The bottom number of the fraction is called the denominator. It shows how many equal parts the item is divided into.

fractions denominator


The number above the line shows how many parts we have.

fractions numerator
How to subtract fractions with like denominators

There are three steps to subtract fractions with like denominators.

1.    Make sure the denominators are the same. Let’s show you in an example: ¾ - ¼.

subtracting fractions
2.    Subtract the numerators.
subtracting fractions 

3.    Simplify the fraction (if needed).
simplifying fractions 
In an earlier blog about adding fractions, we described how to simplify fractions. If you need to review how to simplify fractions, you can read about that here.

Practice worksheets

if you want to practice subtracting fractions, try these grade 5 grade worksheets.