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What are Homophones?

What exactly are homophones? How do they differ from homonyms and homographs? Do our kids really need to learn these terms and make a distinction between them? The short answer is: yes. They are part of your child’s elementary school curriculum.

We have created sets of worksheets for all three categories in our vocabulary section to help your child practice these tricky words.

For today, let’s take a look at homophones.


Some people call homophones sound-alike words. It’s an easier way to understand what a homophone is. Homophones are words that sound the same when you pronounce them, but the words have different spelling and different meaning.

For example: flour and flower.

Homophones Worksheets

On the vocabulary pages for each of our grades, you’ll now find the homophones under a new sub-title called: Homonyms, homophones and word usage.
Let’s take a look at our grade 3 vocabulary page. Here’s the section you are looking for:

Homophones section
Clicking on that link takes you to the homophones page for grade 3:
Homophones page 

Each worksheet covers homophones in sentences:

Homophones worksheet
All worksheets come with answers on a second page.

homophones answers