Homographs Exercises Online

What is a homograph?

A homograph comes from the Greek words “homos”, meaning same, and “grapho”, meaning write. A homograph is a word that shares the same written form as another word, has a different meaning and is pronounced different.

For example: the homograph "refuse". 

Refuse means rubbish or garbage.

Refuse also means to decline a request or demand.

Homograph words example

We have created sets of worksheets for grade 5 students to practice homographs. They’re in our vocabulary section.

Select the correct homograph worksheets

Students are asked to circle the correct definition of homographs in sentences.


Homographs worksheet for grade 5

Match the definitions to the homographs practice

Students are presented with two meanings of homograph words. They’re asked to draw lines from the definitions to the correct words.


Homographs definitions worksheets for grade 5