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Halloween Worksheets

We’ve had a ‘spook-tastic’ time putting together a bundle of 35 math and reading Halloween-themed worksheets. We’d like to share this bundle with you for free.

The bundle includes:

Tracing words

Tracing Halloween words for kindergarten students.

Trace words


3 pages of mazes with increasing difficulty for different age groups.

Matching picture to words

2 pages on matching pictures to words; the second one with harder words than the first worksheet.


A grade 1 worksheet on picking the correctly spelled word to match each picture.

Halloween spelling worksheet

Following are 2 pages on filling in missing letters in incomplete words.

Color by shapes worksheet

A fun coloring page kindergarten to grade 1 worksheet, where students are asked to color the shapes in the pumpkins.

Counting worksheets

3 different counting worksheets with varying levels of difficulty.

Addition and subtraction

Easy addition and subtraction worksheets, where students count the shapes and work out the equations.

Patterns worksheets

Completing the patterns worksheets for kindergarten students. There are a further 2 pages of coloring patterns in specific orders for older students.

Halloween patterns worksheet

Bar chart

A simple bar chart exercise.

Parts of the head and body worksheets

A couple of charming worksheets, asking students to label the part of Frankenstein’s head and Kid Frankenstein’s body.

Halloween body worksheet

Halloween crossword and word searches

Three pages of one picture crossword and two word searches – one more difficult than the other.

Spot the difference

Two pages of spot the difference in Halloween images.

Color by number

One page of addition/subtraction color by numbers and one multiplication color by numbers worksheet.


Halloween color by numbers

Sentences and reading comprehension

We finish up the bundle with a worksheet on sentences, where students need to identify the nouns and verbs; and a short story with comprehension questions.


Answer sheets are provided.

We hope your kids enjoy the worksheets. Have a safe and fun Halloween!