In this week’s web site review we’re looking at something a little different.  We’ve committed to reviewing sites that will engage and teach your kids new things – this time we’re turning the tables and reviewing a site that helps parents. 

K5 Web Site Report Card:

About: GreatSchools is a go-to guide for parents looking for a school in their area.  Listing over 200,000 public and private schools from preschool through to high-school, parents have contributed over 900,000 reviews and ratings.   Where available, the web site also includes the state standardized test scores results for each school.  This is easily the country’s leading source of information on school performance and a must-read for parents looking into new schools.

Features: this is an online community for parents to leave and read reviews on schools throughout the US and to discuss common education topics.  In addition to reviews on over 200,000 schools, there is a Q&A section, a groups section and special guides.

We think: this is a very thorough web site, both in terms of parent-contributed school reviews and active group discussions.  The site is easy to navigate and you find the information you search for fast.  It’s also worth your time to browse through the school categories and groups for more in-depth information.  GreatSchools has an active community and is constantly refreshing its content.

GreatSchools is a vibrant and insightful community that has kept to the premise of providing parents with the both official and parent-contributed information on schools across the US.  We have not found a better source on the Net.

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