Data and Graphing Worksheets for Grade 3

The grade 3 data and graphing worksheets build on the skills learned in grades 1 and 2. Students now work on more complex data sets and are introduced to scaled graphs. Let us show you the new worksheets in this section.

Graphing tally counts

Working from tally counts, students are asked to create bar graphs and line graphs in these worksheets.

Graphing tally counts worksheets

Spin, tally, graph and analyze worksheets

Students spin a pencil to create data, they tally each spin, then create bar graphs and analyze the data.

Creating graphs worksheets

Scaled pictographs worksheets

Students work with pictographs to analyze the data in these worksheets.

Pictographs worksheets

Scaled bar graphs

In these worksheets, students are given data and asked to draw bar graphs.

Scaled bar graphs worksheets

Students analyze scaled bar graphs

They then analyze bar graphs without access to the original data.

Analyzing scaled bar graphs worksheets

Worksheets on interpreting line plots

Similarly, students read and interpret line plots without the original data, in these worksheets.

Interpreting line plots worksheets

Students make line plots

Now students are asked to create line plots from data sets.

Line plots worksheets

Circle graphs practice

The circle graph is a new concept for students, introduced in grade 3.

Circle graphs worksheets

Students collect data

Students collect their own data and then draw bar graphs. We’ve provided a couple of example worksheets to get their creative juices flowing. It’s best to let students collect data on topics that interest them.

Collecting data and drawing bar charts worksheets

Double and triple Venn diagrams

Students practice mapping data sets into double and triple Venn diagrams in these worksheets.

Venn diagram worksheets

Line graphs work

These worksheets have students practicing line graphs.

Line graphs worksheets

Labelling graphs worksheets

In these worksheets, students create graphs, including a title, a scale and labelling the axes for others to understand the data being analyzed.

Labelling graphs worksheets