Grade 1 Reading Paragraphs Worksheets

In our grade 1 reading comprehension section, we have a new section of worksheets that have students practice reading paragraphs.

Read and color worksheets

In these worksheets, students read a passage and then color a picture according to the information they read.

Read and color worksheets for grade 1

Practice reading and drawing what they read

A space for drawing a picture of what they read is provided in these worksheets.

Read and draw worksheets for grade 1

Read the passage and complete the sentences

After reading short passages, students practice filling in the missing words in sentences about the passage.

Read and complete the sentences worksheets

Read and recall the information

In three separate activities, student recall what they have read in these worksheets.

Read and recall information worksheets

Classic question and answer reading worksheets

Students read a short story and answer the questions in these classic comprehension worksheets.

Reading comprehension worksheets for grade 1

Read and recall practice

Students are encouraged to read these passages thoroughly and slowly, then respond to the exercises without revisiting the text.

Read and recall information worksheets for grade 1


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