K5 Publishes 24 New Stories for Grade 5 Students

We have published 3 new grade 5-leveled reading comprehension workbooks in our bookstore. The level T, U and V workbooks contains eight stories each with corresponding exercises. Answer sheets are also provided.

Grade 5 reading comprehension workbooks

All three workbooks contain a nice mixture of fiction and non-fiction stories on topics we think grade 5 students will find engaging.

The reading comprehension workbooks in our bookstore are leveled from A to Z, based on the following text criteria:

  • Vocabulary words
  • High-frequency words
  • Average word size
  • Number of words per sentence, on average
  • Amount of repetition of words and phrases
  • Story length
  • Subject matter complexity

Level T reading comprehension stories

The level T reading comprehension workbook story topics include a boy who is lost in space, a summer camp challenge, a day at a Natural History museum, a soccer tussle, the life of a Bugle boy, a trapped eagle, a road bikes vs. mountain bikes race, and choosing between hybrid and electric cars.

Level U reading passages and exercises

The level U workbook stories include a new twist on superheroes, the art of Pablo Picasso, a boy who learns an important lesson about saving money, a stonemason in Ancient Egypt, the first kid in space, exploring Machu Picchu with grandma, learning how to mute sound, and a day at a Brain Lab.

Level V reading comprehension workbook

The level V workbook includes stories covering the life of Sacagawea, a stolen bike, the life of Rachel Carson, a young entrepreneur, inventions in Ancient Egypt, horse troubles, time zones around the world, and how girls made it onto sports teams.

Answer sheets are included

After each set of exercises, an answer sheet is included.

Grade 5 reading comprehension bundle

We also provide a bundle of the three grade 5 workbooks. It is discounted from $8.97 to $6.95.

We hope you enjoy our new reading comprehension workbooks.