Narrative Writing Worksheets for Grade 5 Students

In our grade 5 grammar and writing section we’ve added a new page to help students practice elements of fiction and non-fiction narrative writing.

Practice plot structure

Students practice plot structure in these worksheets.

Plot structure writing worksheets

Key elements worksheets

These worksheets cover questions about key elements of a particular story setting.

Key elements worksheets

Character traits

Students are provided with worksheets for students to analyze what characters feel, say, think and do.

Character traits worksheets

Using sensory details

Students are given outlines to brainstorm sensory details and use them to bring a setting to life.

Sensory details worksheets

Different points of view

Students write three short stories from different points of view in these worksheets.

Points of view worksheets

Inner and outer dialogue

Students practice writing “thinking to oneself” dialogue and “speaking to someone else” dialogue.

Inner and outer dialogue worksheets

Writing from different perspectives

Students are given a scenario and asked to write the story from the perspective of two different characters.

Different perspectives worksheets

Personal narrative writing

With the help of a graphic organizer students plan and write personal stories.

Personal narrative writing worksheets

Fictional writing worksheets

Next, students write fictional stories with the help of graphic organizers.

Fiction writing worksheets

Fantasy writing worksheets

With the aid of hints and graphic organizers students write fantasy stories in the first and third person.

Fantasy writing worksheets

Writing non-fiction texts

Students use these organizers to write about true events or real subjects.

Non-fiction writing worksheets

Writing prompts for writing practice

Students use these writing prompts to fine-tune their narrative writing skills.

Writing prompts worksheets

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