Grade 5 Integer Worksheets

Our grade 5 integer worksheets introduce the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of negative integers.

Practice absolute values

The absolute value of an integer is the distance of the integer from zero. The same goes for a negative integer in the opposite direction. Students often practice absolute value on a number line.

In this section, students practice the absolute and opposite value of integers. This is one of the absolute value worksheets:

Absolute values worksheets

Comparing integers worksheets

These worksheets ask students to compare two integers: whether one integer in greater than, less than or equal to another integer.

Comparing integers worksheets

A second set of worksheets has students practice putting integers in order.

Integers on a number line

Practicing integers on a number line is a great way to visualize integers. Students solve integer problems using a number line in these worksheets.

Integers on a number line worksheets

Learn to add negative integers

Students work on adding positive and negative integers in these 2-term, 3-term and vertical addition worksheets. This worksheet has students add a positive and negative integer.

Add negative integers to positive integers worksheets

Practice subtracting negative integers

We have two sets of worksheets on subtracting positive and negative integers: numbers under 20 and numbers under 100.

This worksheet tackles subtracting numbers under 20.

Subtracting negative integers worksheets

Adding and subtracting integers worksheets

Once students have practiced the addition of integers, then the subtraction of integers, the next step is mixed addition and subtraction of integers.

Adding and subtracting negative integers worksheets

Multiplying negative integers

For students who are ready for the more advanced integer practice, these multiplication of positive and negative integers on the horizontal and vertical are more challenging.

Multiplying negative integers worksheets

Dividing negative integers practice

The final set of worksheets cover the division of positive and negative integers, horizontally and vertically in long division.

Dividing negative integers worksheets