Writing Worksheets for Grade 4

Restating the questions worksheets

In these worksheets, students are asked to include a restatement of the questions in their answers.

Restating the question worksheets

Paraphrasing worksheets

Students rewrite short texts in their own words in these worksheets.

Paraphrasing worksheets

Instructional writing prompts

With these writing prompts, students write instructional texts.

Instructional writing prompts worksheets

Writing newspaper articles

By answering who, what, when, where, why and how, students are given the framework to write newspaper articles.

Writing newspaper articles

Writing for different audiences

Students have to consider different types of audiences in these pieces of informative writing.

Writing for different audiences

Editing paragraphs

The final set of worksheets teach students to edit grammatical and punctuation errors in texts.

Editing paragraphs worksheets


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