Grade 3 Writing Worksheets

Writing worksheets

Grade 3 students cover a number of new writing skills, such as writing formal letters, learning to edit writing, writing topics sentences for given texts, paraphrasing and restating questions. We’ve created a whole new worksheet section for students to practice these essential skills.

Restating the question

In these worksheets students restate the question as part of their responses.

Restating the question worksheets


Topic sentences practice

Students read the texts and write a topic sentence for each text.

Topic sentences worksheets


Worksheets to write similes and metaphors

Students practice writing similes and metaphors about various topics in these worksheets.

Similes and metaphors worksheets


Paraphrasing practice

Students read a text and then re-write the same text in their own words.

Paraphrasing worksheets


Formal letter writing

These worksheets are prompts for students to practice writing various kinds of formal letters.

Formal letter writing worksheets


Practice editing of texts

We provide classic editing symbols for students to mark up errors in texts. These worksheets are a great introduction to editing.

Editing worksheets


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