Weather and Climate Worksheets for Grade 3 Students

In grade 3 science, students learn about weather forecasting, reading weather data, the distinction between climate and weather, and weather hazards. We’ve created pages of weather and climate worksheets for students to practice these topics.

Forecasting the weather worksheets

On this page we’ve created four separate worksheets to have students practice reading a forecast, a real forecast scenario, forecasting tools and filling in the blanks.

Forecasting the weather worksheets

Learn to read weather data

The worksheets on this page contain practice for creating and reading weather graphs.

Weather data worksheets

Climate vs. weather practice

Students contrast features of weather and climate in this set of three worksheets.

Climate or weather worksheets

Weather hazards worksheets

Next, students tackle droughts, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and other severe weather.

Weather hazards worksheets

Design for weather hazards

These worksheets ask students to design solutions to overcome weather hazards.

Design for weather hazards worksheets