Grade 2 Phonemic Awareness Worksheets

We have a new page dedicated to helping students work on phonemic awareness at the grade 2 level.

Phoneme isolation practice

In these worksheets, students look at pictures, sound out the words and write the missing letter for each word.

phoneme isolation worksheets

Phoneme segmentation worksheets

Students practice segmenting sounds of words and write sounds in boxes under each picture.

Phoneme segmentation worksheets

Blending phonemes

The next set of worksheets have students practice blending phonemes by selecting the correct sounds and then writing the words.

Blending phonemes worksheets

Practice substituting phonemes

Substituting phonemes is a more advanced exercise for grade 2 students. In these worksheets students substitute sounds to make new words.

Substituting phonemes worksheets

Rhyming worksheets

The final set of worksheets present rhyming exercises, where students identify and write words that rhyme.

Rhyming worksheets


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