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Grade 2 and 5 Vocabulary Workbooks

We’re pleased to tell you we have completed the grade 2 and 5 vocabulary workbooks, completing the whole set of vocabulary workbooks for grades 1 to 5.

New vocabulary workbooks

In our workbooks, vocabulary words are practiced in groups of ten words in a lesson of separate worksheets. Each lesson starts with a word list of definitions for each word. Following are four worksheets that focus on practicing the understanding of those words through contextual work.

Review of a vocabulary lesson for grade 5 students

Let’s take a look at one of the lessons from our grade 5 workbook to give you an idea of what the exercises look like.  

Word list

It starts with the word list and their definitions – presented in a dictionary style.

grade 5 vocabulary word list

grade 5 vocabulary word list 


Following are 4 worksheets of exercises. They vary from lesson to lesson. Here’s what the exercises for lesson 18 look like:

Just the right word

In the first exercise, students use the word list as reference to replace words in sentences with more appropriate words. This exercise helps students think about words with similar meanings in understanding the meaning of a vocabulary word.


grade 5 vocabulary right word in sentences 



The next exercise has students think about vocabulary words in the context of words with the opposite meaning – antonyms.


grade 5 vocabulary antonyms 


Context clues

In this exercise, students use cross-sentence clues to work out the meaning of a word. Students are asked to write the clues that lead them to work out the definition.


grade 5 vocabulary context clues 



The last exercise for this lesson is a short story with missing vocabulary words. Students are asked to fill in the missing words to complete the story, using the word list as a reference.

grade 5 vocabulary short story


Answer sheet

After each lesson an answer sheet is provided.

grade 5 vocabulary answer sheet 


The completion of our vocabulary series rounds out the language arts curriculum in our bookstore with:

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-          Grammar and writing for grades 1 – 5

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