Grade 1 Writing Prompts Worksheets

These sentences, letter writing, drawing and writing, and free form writing prompts worksheets will get your grade 1 level students engaged in writing.

Sentences writing prompts

Selecting from several topics, students are given sentences to complete.

Sentence writing prompts for grade 1

Practice writing letters

These worksheets provide students with a template to practice writing letters to their teacher, family members, a friend and a more generic version. Members have access to further worksheets to write a letter to yourself in five years, a letter to your pet and writing a letter to a book character.

Grade 1 letter writing prompts worksheets

Draw and write prompt worksheets

In these worksheets, students are given a topic and are asked to write a story and then illustrate it.

Write and draw worksheets for grade 1

Use your imagination to write

The final set of writing prompts has students use their imagination to write a free-form text.

Grade 1 writing prompts worksheets


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