Paragraph Writing for Grade 1 Students

We have an entirely new section for grade 1 students to focus on learning to write paragraphs.

Cut and paste sentences into a paragraph

Students learn about the structure of paragraphs by sorting sentences in the right order in these worksheets.

Cut and paste sentences worksheets

Expository paragraphs worksheets

In informative writing, students explain something. These worksheets provide writing prompts for expository writing practice.

Expository writing worksheets for grade 1

Opinion paragraphs practice

In these worksheets students are provided a topic sentence, two facts and a conclusion to write an opinion paragraph.

Opinion writing worksheets for grade 1

Narrative paragraphs practice

With first, next and last sentences starters, students write narrative paragraphs.

Narrative writing worksheets for grade 1

Practice editing paragraphs

Students practice editing paragraphs for incorrect capitalization, punctuation and missing words in these worksheets.

Practice editing worksheets for grade 1

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