K5 Updates Grade 1 Spelling Workbook


Grade 1 spelling emphasizes helping young learners recognize and correctly write common words, laying the foundation for effective written communication.

Grade 1 spelling workbook

Grade 1 spelling workbook

This workbook focuses on spelling:

Sight words at the grade 1 level, such as little, your and going.

Short and long vowel words.

Grade-level words by group: a, e, i, o, u and y word families.

Structure of the workbook

The workbook starts with sight words and moves onto words grouped by word families.

Each section starts with exercises to practice tracing, writing and rewriting a set of words, such as snake, skate.

Grade 1 spelling practice

Following those worksheets, we combine the sets of words into four pages of spelling exercises. Here are two example pages:

Grade 1 spelling workbook

Spelling a family words:

Grade 1 spelling workbook

No answer pages included

As the exercises are simple, there are no answer pages for this workbook.

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