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Spelling Practice for Grade 1 Students

In grade 1, kids start to learn how to spell words. Spelling is an important part in students' "learning to read" journey, along with understanding the meaning of words (vocabulary) and reading comprehension.

Most students find learning to spell a bit monotonous. Often, they are given lists of words to practice and asked to rewrite the words over and over until mastered. We’ve tried to alleviate this monotony with a series of free grade 1 spelling worksheets, and we have further expanded those exercise into more spelling words in our grade 1 spelling workbook.

Let us show you the different kinds of spelling worksheets available for you to print and use at no cost:

Trace and write spelling words

As grade 1 students are just starting to learn to spell, we start gently with these trace and print words worksheets.

grade 2 write and trace spelling words

Circle the correctly spelled word

Next come a more challenging set of worksheets, where students are asked to recognize the word that is correctly spelled in a group of three words with slightly different spelling.

grade 1 circle correctly spelled word

Fill in the missing letters

In these worksheets, the words are missing one letters. Students have to write the missing letter to complete the word.

grade 1 fill in missing letter

Complete the word shapes

In this last set of worksheets, students are given a list of words and asked to fit each word into the correct series of shaped boxes.

grade 1 word shapes