Animals Worksheets for Grade 1 Students

We have created 16 different categories of worksheets for students in grade 1 to practice the needs of animals, the classification of animals by various physical attributes, and the relationship of animals to their habitats.

Practice the needs of animals

Students practice what animals need to survive in these worksheets.

The needs of animals worksheets

What animals eat worksheets

These worksheets have students match the animals to the food they eat.

What animals eat worksheets

Are they plant eaters or meat eaters?

Students learn about herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores in these worksheets.

Plant eaters or meat eaters worksheets

How animals move

Animals move in different ways: swim, crawl, fly, etc. Students match the animals to how they move in these worksheets.

How animals move worksheets

Classifying animals by counting legs and wings

Animals can also be classified by the number of legs and wings they have. Students work on that in these worksheets.

Classifying animals worksheets

Worksheets on how animals help their young

Students practice how animals help their young in these worksheets.

How animals help their young worksheets

Matching animals to their offspring

Students match adult animals with their babies in these worksheets.

Animals and their offspring worksheets

Practice the inherited traits of animals

In this worksheet, students identify the inherited traits of young animals.

Inherited traits of animals worksheets

Animal life cycles

These worksheets cover the life cycles of the butterfly and the frog.

Animal life cycles worksheets for grade 1

Animal classification worksheets

Students learn to identify insects, birds, fish, reptiles, and mammals in these worksheets.

Animal classifications worksheets

Practice animal habitats

Students learn to match animals to where they live in these worksheets.

Animal habitats worksheets

The habitats animals live in

Students circle the habitats animals live in in these ocean, forest, farm and desert worksheets.

Animal habitats worksheets

Match animals to their homes

With the aid of a word bank, students identify the homes of animals.

Animals and their homes worksheets

Practice how animals adapt to their environments

Giraffes and penguins have adapted to their environments. Students learn more about these animals in these worksheets.

Animal adaptation worksheets for grade 1

Animal camouflage worksheets

These worksheets cover the camouflage of animals in their habitats.

Animal camouflage worksheets

Classifying animals by their coverings

Are the animals covered in hair, feathers, or shells in these worksheets?

Animal covering worksheets for grade 1