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K5 Adds Hundreds of Grammar Worksheets to Website

We have added over 300 new worksheets to our grade 1 and grade 2 grammar sections.

How to find the grammar worksheets

You’ll now find that our grammar sections are divided by grade, …
grammar page 

but that you can also search by topic.
grammar by topic

Finding a specific grammar worksheet

Let’s take a look at an example.  Say you want to practice pronouns in grade 2. Specifically, you are looking for reflexive pronoun worksheets. Many of you may get to this page by doing a google search. However, if you want to find it through our web site, you would go to our worksheets page, click on grammar, then grade 2 and then the pronouns link. Here’s what that page looks.

grade 2 pronouns grammar

You’ll find we have three sets of reflexive pronouns worksheets to practice.  Here’s what one of those pages looks like. You’ll see we’ve spent time and effort to make sure every page has clear explanations of the grammar concepts being practiced and what each exercise entails.

grade 2 pronouns page
On every page, we’ve also created an easier way to look up more worksheets on that topic. So at the bottom of the above page, you’ll see this:

more grammar worksheets section
Finding specific worksheets by topic

If you are unsure what grade reflexive pronouns are in, you can also search grammar by topic:
grammar by topic 

Here’s the pronoun page for that section.  Reading through the bullet points you’ll see that reflexive pronouns are covered in grade 2.
Pronouns grammar by section 

As you can see, our grammar section is a work in progress. We’re currently working on completing the grade 3 – 5 sections.