Good Manners for Kids

Saying please and thank you, using table manners, and sharing with others are good behaviors we teach our kids. These are new important habits that will last a lifetime. We’ve created materials to help support parents and teachers in their efforts.

Good manners workbook

The good manners workbook helps students learn about good behavior with family and friends.

Good manners workbook

Each of the good manners section includes:

  • A poster,
  • Tracing worksheet,
  • Fill in the missing word worksheet,
  • Unscramble the sentence worksheet,
  • Coloring page.

There are 26 good manner statement in the workbook.

Good manners worksheets

The good manners page contains two sets of worksheets:

Tracing sentences and match pictures to sentences.

Fill in the missing word and coloring pages.

Here are a couple of those worksheets:

Good manners worksheets

Good manners worksheets

Good manners poster bundle [members only]

For members we have created a handy bundle of good manner posters. Members will find the bundle in the tools section of the member center.

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