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Four Tools to Help your Kids Get Started in Narrative Writing

In our last blog post we discussed why narrative writing is important for our kids to learn.  Here are some great tools to help your kids get started with narrative writing. We’ve created them as PDF files so that you can easily print them.


First, your child needs to formulate his or her ideas. This outline page will help your kids do that. Having filled it out, they can then start writing their story.

outline for narrative writing

Sentence starters

Once the outline, or framework, has been completed, it’s time to turn your child’s attention to the writing. The next two pages of sentences starters and narrative words will help them formulate the details required for a suspenseful story.

Here’s a page on sentence starters. Basically, they are prompts to help your child start the story.

sentence starters for narrative writing

Word bank

Narrative writing requires some strong words to describe the character, setting and actions of the story. Here’s a page of strong words for your child to consider in her or his writing.

descriptive words for narrative writing


Finally, we have put together a checklist for your child. We suggest you read it before embarking on the writing and then after to check that you fulfilled the criteria for the persuasive writing piece.

checklist for narrative writing

Now you just need to pick a topic. There are so many, but we suggest that you pick something your child is interested in. If you can’t think of anything, perhaps the following topics will spark your thinking:

  • The day your toys came alive
  • When my pet began to talk
  • The most exciting event you’ve ever experience
  • A day at the beach with your friends
  • Playing games with your brothers and/or sisters
  • The last day of school