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Food and Nutrition Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

In kindergarten science, kids are encouraged to develop curiosity about the world around them. As part of the molecules to organism curriculum standard, they start to learn about plants and animals, including humans, and what they need to survive.

To fulfil the need to explore what humans need to survive, we’ve created worksheets on food and nutrition in our kindergarten science section.

There are three sets of worksheets:

Fruit or vegetable?

Students are asked to distinguish between pictures of vegetables and fruit in these worksheets.

Fruit or vegetable worksheet

Healthy foods

On these worksheets, students are presented with pictures of healthy and non-healthy foods. They’re asked to circle the healthy foods.

Healthy food or not healthy food worksheet

5 food groups

This last set of worksheets is harder, where students have to match foods to their respective food groups.


Five food groups worksheet for kindergarten