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Flashcards for Words with Multiple Meanings

multiple meaning wordsThis article is part of a series. It starts with a summary of the 100 most important multiple meaning words elementary school students should learn. Following will be a grade by grade set of Flashcards for those multiple meaning words.

Multiple Meanings Words Flashcards for Grades 3 - 5

Here comes our next set of multiple meaning words for grade 3 to 5 students. The words covered in this set are:

pool – pound – pupil – racket – range – rent – right – rose – saw - scale

Once you have opened the page and printed the pages, you’ll want to fold each page down the vertical line. Cut out the words and definitions as one folded card. That way you can show the word to your child and check the descriptions on the back.

If you missed our previous grade 3 – 5 flashcards, they are:

bear – before – bill – blue – bore – brush – change – chest – clear – count

ear – fan – fence – fork – game – handle – head – jerk – kid – kind

leaves – light – log – mine – mold – note – paste – pitcher – plain - organ

We have two more sets of flashcards coming your way, so watch this space.