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Five Senses and Body Parts Worksheets for Kindergarten

In kindergarten, students start to learn to identify our body parts and label our five senses. This is the beginning to learning about our health. We’ve created a series of worksheets in our kindergarten science section to help kindergarten students practice these topics.

Our five senses

These worksheets have students match the body parts to our sense of taste, hearing, smell, sight and touch.


our five senses

Using our five senses

Students match objects to the different senses in these worksheets. For example: a slice of pizza matches with taste.

using our five senses

Can you sense it?

Students are given random objects in these worksheets and are asked if you can hear them, smell them, see them, feel them or taste them.


can you sense it

Parts of the body

Our final set of worksheets, cover our body parts. Students are asked to label each body part using a word bank.

label the body parts