K5 Adds Factors and Factoring Workbook to its Bookstore

We’ve added a new math workbook to our bookstore that covers topics related to factoring and prime numbers.

The workbook is appropriate for kids in grade 4 to 6, depending on when they are taught factors and factoring as part of their curriculum.

Factors and factoring workbook

Factors and factoring workbooks

This math workbook is divided into 10 sections. Each section starts with a short tutorial with an example, followed by practice exercises. The topics covered in this workbook are:

  • divisibility rules;
  • prime numbers;
  • finding factors;
  • factoring sums;
  • prime factorization;
  • greatest common factors (GCF);
  • least common multiples (LCM).

Sample factoring pages

If you’re curious what the pages look like, look at these sample pages:

Factors workbook sample page

Factors workbook sample page

Factors workbook sample page