Grade 6 Exponents Practice

There are several reasons it’s important for students to learn about exponents.

Foundational Understanding

Exponents are fundamental in mathematics and are used extensively in various fields such as algebra, calculus, and physics. Understanding exponents lays the groundwork for more advanced mathematical concepts.

Simplify Expressions

Exponents help simplify mathematical expressions, making them easier to work with and understand. For instance, expressions involving large numbers can be condensed using exponents, which aids in computation.

Efficiency in Calculation

Exponents allow for more efficient calculations, especially when dealing with repeated multiplication or division. For example, instead of writing out "2 × 2 × 2 × 2," you can use the exponent notation and write it as 24.

Scientific Notation

Exponents are a crucial component of scientific notation, which is widely used in science and engineering to express very large or very small numbers in a concise and manageable form.

Understanding Functions and Equations

Exponents appear in many mathematical functions and equations. Having a good grasp of exponents helps in understanding these functions and equations, which are essential in various areas such as economics, engineering, and computer science.

Problem Solving

Exponents are often encountered in problem-solving scenarios, ranging from basic arithmetic problems to complex real-world applications. Being proficient in exponents enables individuals to tackle a wide range of problems effectively.

Grade 6 exponents worksheets

In our grade 6 math section we move on from the introductory exponents worksheets in the grade 5 math section.

Whole numbers as a base

The first set of worksheets starts students on practicing exponents with whole numbers.

whole numbers exponents worksheets

Harder practice at whole numbers as a base

These worksheets also cover exponents with whole numbers, but they are harder.

whole numbers exponents worksheets

Whole numbers, fractions, and decimals as a base

These worksheets have students evaluate expressions with whole numbers, decimal and fractional bases.

exponents worksheets with whole numbers, fractions, decimals

Negative or zero exponent worksheets

Next, students practice whole numbers with negative numbers.

negative and zero exponents worksheets

Practice negative or zero exponents

Students evaluate expressions with zero or negative exponents in these worksheets.

negative and zero exponents worksheets

Writing expressions using exponents

These worksheets cover writing expressions using exponents where those expressions may use negative, fractional and decimal bases.

writing expressions using exponents worksheets

Equations with exponents

Students solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations with exponents in these worksheets.

Equations with exponents worksheets

Equations with exponents – negative bases

The next set of worksheets introduce negative bases to exponents in equations.

Equations with exponents worksheets

Equations with exponents – fractional bases

The next set of worksheets have students work on fractional bases with exponents in equations.

Equations with exponents worksheets
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