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Earth, Sun and Moon Worksheets for Grade 1

Learning about our solar system is fascinating to most kids. The sun, the moon, the stars and planets are covered in all elementary school grades. In grade 1, students start to learn the basic facts about our Solar System. Students are asked to use observations of the sun, moon and start to describe patterns, such as how the sun rises and moved across the sky. They also learn about patterns of daylight at different times of the year.

In our science worksheets section, we have created a series of worksheets that cover the earth, sun and moon for grade 1 students, including:

Day and night

In grade 1, kids learn that day and night happen as the earth spins relative to the sun. We’ve created 2 worksheets for kids to practice day and night:

Day and nigh worksheet

Winter and summer sunlight

Kids also learn that the earth tilts. Based on living in the northern hemisphere, kids practice seasonal differences in sunshine in these worksheets:


Summer winter sunlight worksheet

Patterns of the sun

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Kids practice the patterns of the sun in these worksheets:

patterns of the sun worksheet

Phases of the moon

Observant kids will already have seen the moon changes shapes in a month. In this worksheets they learn the names of the phases of the moon:

Phases of the moon worksheet

All worksheets have accompanying answer sheets.

K5 Update: we have published science worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1 in our worksheets section. We plan on publishing grade 2 science worksheets soon.