Coordinate Plane Worksheets

In grade 5 students start to learn about plotting points on coordinate grids, translating and rotating shapes on a coordinate plane, and plotting points on coordinate planes.

What is a coordinate plane?

A coordinate plane is a two-dimensional surface formed by two intersecting lines: a horizontal X-axis and a vertical Y-axis. The point 0 at which they intersect is called the origin.

Coordinate plane: x-axis and y-axis

What are coordinates?

Coordinates are sets of two values that locate a specific point on a coordinate plane grid. That point is on the coordinate plane is named by its ordered pair: (x, y) – corresponding to the X-coordinate and the Y-coordinate. The coordinates can be positive, zero or negative, depending on the location of the point in the respective quadrants.

First quadrant: x > 0, y > 0

Second quadrant: x < 0, y > 0

Third quadrant: x < 0 , y < 0

Fourth quadrant: x > 0, y < 0

Coordinate plane: quadrants

We’ve created a number of new worksheet pages to cover the topic of plotting coordinates on a coordinate plane.

Practice translations on a coordinate plane

In these worksheets, students translate and rotate simple shapes on a coordinate plane.

Translations on coordinate plane worksheets

Function tables and the coordinate plane worksheets

Students are given a function, asked to work out the ordered pairs and plot the points on a coordinate grid.

Function tables and coordinate planes worksheets

Discover the mystery picture by plotting coordinate grids

A fun spin on plotting points on a coordinate plane, these worksheets have students plot out mystery pictures.

Coordinate plane pictures worksheets

Discover the mystery message

Students discover a mystery message by locating clues in the coordinate plane. Another fun worksheet to help students learn about coordinates.

Coordinate grid mystery message worksheets

Study maps based on coordinate grids

Students study the points on a coordinate grid and the corresponding legend to answer a series of questions.

Coordinate grid maps worksheets