Complex Sentences Exercises

What is a complex sentence?

A complex sentence consists of an independent clause (a clause that could be a complete sentence on its own), and at least one dependent clause (a clause which is not a full sentence) typically connected by a subordinating conjunction (after, as, is…).

That’s a lot of grown-up words to describe a complex sentence. Let’s show you an example to illustrate what a complex sentence is.

Examples of complex sentences

A complex sentence is often used to provide more information to explain, or modify, the sentence’s main point. As such it always contains a subordinating conjunction (until, when, if…).

Let’s give you an example:

The kids played outside in the park. (This is an independent clause, a full sentence.)

If we add "until" to the end of that sentence, we are looking to explain the sentence’s main point.

The kids played outside in the park until (when is the subordinating conjunction).

The kids played outside in the park until it got too dark. (This is a complex sentence made of an independent clause, a subordinating conjunction and a dependent clause.)

Complex sentences explained

Complex sentences worksheets

In these students worksheets are given an independent clause and a conjunction to use their own words to form a complex sentence.

Complex sentences worksheets


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